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We can offer a diverse range of transport solutions for your goods


Road haulage

We arrange full loads, part loads and special freight services to and from any European location, as well as connecting Europe to countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

We also offer RORO freight services to the Canary Islands, all islands in the western and eastern Mediterranean, and ports in the Levant. 

Simply tell us what vehicle you need and when, and we will provide it. Available options include not only standard tilts, but also jumbos, mega trucks, flatbeds, stepframes, reefers, tankers and silo trucks, and specialist equipment for heavy and abnormal loads – throughout Europe and across the continent.


Rail haulage

Container and wagon consignment to Russia and to countries in Central Asia and the Far East (China, Mongolia).

Due to the broad gauge railway network in Russia, freight must be transhipped for onward carriage at the border stations of Brest (BY) and Chop (UA).

Note: not all goods are suitable for transport by rail – we would be happy to advise you.

If necessary, we can also provide used and new containers for SOC transport (Shippers Own Container) – throughout Europe and across the continent.


Heavy/abnormal loads

Haulage for heavy and bulky goods is as individual as the freight itself. We arrange the most suitable equipment for transporting abnormal loads throughout Europe and across the continent: from adjustable-width tilts to telescopic trailers (extendible to 21 m with tarp cover, 30 m uncovered);
from simple low-bed semis to 150 tonne flatbed and drop-deck low-loaders;
from light or heavy vessel-bed trailers to modular heavy-duty combinations.

Our proven and longstanding partnership structure allows us to use the right local service providers for every destination; they know the local language and particularities – throughout Europe and across the continent.

We use suitable local specialists for loading and unloading heavy individual packages as well as for disassembling and reassembling complete production systems – throughout Europe and across the continent.


Project management

Collection of vendor parts, components and construction parts from your suppliers.
Interim storage tailored to your needs in secure warehouses; heavy goods storage with overhead cranes or bonded warehouses are available. 
Just-in-time deliveries to building sites – throughout Europe and across the continent.


Express and special services

In really urgent situations, we can arrange for your goods to be collected by car, Sprinter van or 7.5 tonne solo truck as soon as possible and delivered by the fastest route to their destination – throughout Europe and across the continent. For special freight services using 24 tonne standard trucks, we arrange for a second driver and/or schedule necessary driver changes along the route to keep the vehicle moving.


Customs clearance

We carry out import/export clearance and TIR carnet openings using the computer-based ATLAS process. We have been an authorised economic operator (certificate no. AEOC 107127) since 1 September 2011.

Industrial goods,

Heavy Loads,

trade fair freight


including refrigerated and frozen